Sorghum grains

Wholemeal sorghum

Sorghum polenta

Sorghum and rice cakes

Sorghum crispbread

Protein pea

Protein pea beans

Protein pea flour

Protein pea vegan burger

Sweet lupine

Sweet lupine beans

Sweet lupine flour

Sweet lupine vegan burger

Field bean

Field bean flour

Field bean vegan burger

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Main subjects

Sorghum is used for centuries especially by some African populations as a first food in the diet. Its neutral flavor and full-bodied makes it suitable for a wide variety of preparations.

The protein pea is a legume that can be used either fresh or dried. The protein pea flour, given its high value protein, is widely used and is part of many types of vegan recipes for the remuneration of the protein biological value.

Lupine is a legume richer in protein (35% -40%), than soy, peas, beans, chickpeas. Its flour has excellent nutritional properties. It reduces the increase of the body weight, the absorption of food and the concentration of glucose in the blood.