Protein pea

The pea is a legume that can be used fresh or dried. It goes with taste at all cereals and also to salads.

Less rich in starch than other legumes, it is more digestible. Low in fat and calories and contain iron, magnesium, zinc, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

Being a legume is obviously gluten free.

The pea flour, due to its high protein value, is widely used and falls in many type of vegan recipes for its protein biological value.

It is used for the preparation of soups or porridges. It is added to the other flour in bread making and in the production of vegetables and dietary foods.

Nutritional fats (100 g)
Energy 1390 kJ/332 kcal
Protein 22,50 g
Total fats 1,60 g
Total carbohydrate 56,7 g
Fiber 5,40 g