Field bean

For decades to Southern Europe human used as crops, dry grain of field bean (Vicia faba minor) and faba bean (Vicia faba maior).

The field bean is gluten free so it does not irritate the gut and is consumable for intolerant and coeliacs.

The protein content has made over long periods one of the classic food of the poor, thanks to the economic price, ease of cultivation and the excellent health and nutritional properties.

Only downside is the favism, a disease that mainly affects residents in the island Sardinia and that affects the red blood cells. Constant review must kept under this very serious condition.

Nutrition facts (100 g)
Energy 1442 kJ/342 kcal
Protein 29,00 g
Total carbohydrate 43,00 g
– sugars 2,20 g
Total fat 3,50 g
– saturated fat 1,80 g
Fiber 11,00 g